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Monday, May 10, 2010

SeLaMaT HaRi iBu

Hepi Mother Day

especially to

my mama
(Jamaliah binti Ali)

> just want u to know...i love u so much
> thnx coz being very2 understanding mama
> plz pray for my happiness

i still remember
> till now...since i was young mama also said "be a gud doter"
> till now mama still kiss my chick
> till now when im back home..mama still want to slept beside of me
> till now mama still be my 'fren'
> till now mama always cooked 4 me
> till now mama always give her support to me
> till now mama always worried bout me
> till now mama never grumble bout me

> till now i still remember...
i get punishment from mama...the case is my socks are missing..then

i ask mama..."mama, stokin kaklong mane ha???"
mama answer "mama x tau...kaklong letak mane..???''
im said "mama y basuh x kan mama x igt (dgn sore y memang tgi)"
then mama become angry...and she came to me with some hanger...may b have 3 or 4 hangers on her hand...then she rotan my kaki...till luke2...n its so sakit when that kaki kne air...im crying...then mama send me to school...

aaargghh...i cant forget bout this till im die...im feel so guilty...

MAMA , I am so sorry 4 all the wrong i had done before...:(

terasa seperti kami semakin jau...

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